Commercial Electric Wiring, Design and Construction

Our experts often call on exceptional knowledge and decades of experience to collaborate with building owners to design and construct commercial structures using the latest in safe, highest-efficiency electrical systems.

Data Wiring and Low Voltage - BICSI -RCDD, ITS technician

Electricity today increasing powers a growing array of communications and data-driven applications. From complex smart house systems, fiber optic data flow, surveillance and security systems, overhead speakers and internal communications systems and more, Nystrom has the expertise to precisely power the growing array of low-voltage applications.

Commercial and Industrial Electrical

From our founding in 1920, Nystrom has literally helped power our service area's commercial and industrial growth. Our experts stay at the forefront of the latest super-efficient systems and innovative techniques to bring customers products and services that get the maximum benefit out of every watt of power.

Preventive/Proactive Maintenance

When the power goes out, nobody is happy, especially people who require reliable electricity to conduct business. Nystrom's preventative and proactive maintenance experts are dedicated to helping customers run at peak efficiency and avoid power outages. Our vast experience, knowledge of current trends and practices, and proven maintenance protocols help keep the power reliably flowing, 24/7. We'll also proactively suggest new, higher-efficiency and high-performance systems that could add up to significant savings over the long run.


Nystrom has the expertise to bring electrical power to an increasingly high-tech transportation system. Our experts have decades of experience in providing power to everything from traffic signals to surveillance cameras. Nystrom's International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) certified employees can help plan, execute and maintain virtually any infrastructure project, large or small.


Nystrom offers the best in both new residential construction wiring and existing home service and repair. Our service techs are courteous and will make repairs with minimum disruption to your home life. We offer expertise on powering today's high-efficiency home comfort systems and the growing trend of data-intensive "smart homes."